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Security Tips

American National Bank of Texas is committed to ensuring that ANBTX Online Banking is secure. Here are some ways we are working to protect your private information as well as some steps that you can take to protect your privacy.

Remember, email is unsecured

Do not send confidential information such as account numbers or social security numbers through email. ANBTX has no control over messaging nor can we protect information that is sent to us via email.

The ANBTX firewall

A firewall serves as an electronic buffer that stands between the Internet and the server that manages ANBTX online banking. Our host bank computer is not directly connected to the Internet, and the firewall is programmed to allow only authorized users to have access.

Individual ID and PASSWORD access

In order to access ANBTX Online you must enter a user ID and PASSWORD unique to your account. If your information is entered incorrectly three consecutive times you will automatically be locked out of our system. We strongly recommend that you choose a PASSWORD that you can remember, but it should not be based on information that can be easily guessed (birthdays, children’s names, etc.). Do not reveal your ID and/or PASSWORD to anyone. As an added precaution, ANBTX periodically requires users to change their PASSWORD.

Personally selected account names

ANBTX does not display bank account numbers on your online banking account. Instead, we display a pseudo name for each of your accounts. You may change these account names in the Account Management section of your ANBTX online banking account.

Automatic log-off

We recommend that you completely log out of your session when you have finished your online banking, and also recommend you never leave the computer unattended while you are logged into your ANBTX online account. In addition, you will be logged off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Leaving ANB site

You are leaving the website. ANBTX provided this link for your convenience and is not responsible for the content, links, privacy or security of information on non-ANBTX sites.

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