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Best bank for small business

American National Bank of Texas is Your Small Business Bank

"Our bank succeeds when your business succeeds." - Robert A. Hulsey, President and Chief Executive Officer 

As a community bank, American National Bank of Texas is built on the same values that started your small business - a commitment to hard work and a spirit of entrepreneurship. We believe you should know the people you are doing business with, by name. We believe trust is earned over time, and careful attention to every detail is necessary to get the job done right. You'll see these small town values and this small business perspective reflected in everything we do

We began serving the people of North Texas back in 1875 as the first bank in Terrell - making us one of the oldest independently-owned banks in Texas. Since that time, we've fostered a community-centered culture that values lifelong partnerships with our Texas small business bank customers. That's why we play an active part in every community we serve

Mutually profitable relationships with every small business bank account

ANBTX stands by a simple philosophy: our bank succeeds when your business succeeds. We want to make sure the products and services we offer are the right fit to help you achieve your goals. 

Many small business struggle because they cannot scale their operation or they lack the necessary cash cushion to weather a difficult marketplace. In these instances, you want to partner with a bank that is invested in your success and takes it as a point of pride when you do well. Likewise, you want to work with banking experts who stand by your side during the ups and downs, which are a natural part of a business's lifecycle, and also understand the nuances of a small business bank. It's more than a loan, more than a checking account, or online banking services - it's how we help you put these products to help you achieve your small business goals. See why ANBTX is the best small business bank.

Our small business bank accounts and services

We strive to provide better service, the most current technology to maximize your efforts, and a personal touch that gives you the necessary support to do your business. 

  1. Small business checking - Some small business owners, when they first get started, decide not to separate their personal banking account from their company's account. However, even if it's a small operation, you don't want to mingle your personal and business funds. But how do you find a checking account that is best for your business?

    Every American National Bank of Texas small business checking account includes the following features: business debit card, online banking and bill pay, return of check images, and an easy to balance monthly statement. Each checking solution offers unique features to better serve your business.

    To learn more, visit our small business checking accounts page.

  2. Small business savings and investment - Any small business financial plan should include a strategy for the reinvestment of earnings. Smart reinvestments can help you grow your business, creating greater opportunities down the road.

    At ANBTX, our team is ready to work with you to provide the necessary savings and investment plan, providing you with all the features and benefits you need today and in the future.

    To see some of our account options, visit our small business savings account and small business investments page.

  3. Small business loans and lines of credit - When your small business is looking to expand, a well-timed, well-managed loan or line of credit can give you the advantage to successfully take the next steps. Our commercial lenders have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow and thrive. In fact, the Small Business Administration has designation ANBTX as a Preferred Lender. We've earned this honor through our exemplary service to small businesses throughout our community.

    One of the ways we serve small business owners is by respecting your time, providing quick turnarounds on loan and lines of credit. We can do this because all of our decisions are made locally.

    To get started, visit our small business loans and lines of credit page.

  4. Online banking - Running a small business can keep you busy around the clock. As a result, you want more than online banking; you want convenience banking - a small business bank that provides 24/7 online access with features designed to save you time and money.

    ANBTX provides online banking that is an extension of our community-centered approach: easy to navigate and designed with your needs in mind. We offer account management, online bill pay, eStatements, and mobile banking to put your finances in the palm of your hand.

    To explore our online small business bank solutions, visit our convenience banking page.

Your bank, for life 

Your small business began as an idea, a dream that you wanted to see come to life. As it grows, your business can be an enduring part of the community, built to thrive for many years to come. Likewise, ANBTX has endured from generation to generation, continually serving Texas small businesses, and we understand the value of a life-long relationship with our small business customers. For over 140 years, we've been there for our customers, and we will continue to be your bank, for life. 

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