Personal Trusts

Build a future today. And protect it in the future. Contact Us

Personal Trusts

Build a future today. And protect it in the future. Contact Us

Control How Your Assets are Used Now and Tomorrow

A personal trust account is a helpful, powerful financial instrument that contains both your assets and the instructions for what you want to happen to them. It can have significant tax benefits for you today and for your heirs tomorrow. Our personal trust services can make a difference for you and your family as they:

  • Assure funding of specific needs—education, health care or charitable interests
  • Establish how assets are managed in the future 
  • Create guidelines for current and future distributions 
  • Create an excellent way to transfer your assets
  • Protect your assets against legal proceedings
  • Help your heirs who may be unfamiliar with finances

A Trust Includes These Three Things:

  1. Assets

    Details how you want your assets managed and distributed
  2. Beneficiary

    Specifies who you want to benefit from your assets now and in the future
  3. Trustee

    Assigns who will be responsible for carrying out these instructions

All Trusts Have Three Parties Involved:

Types of Personal Trusts

A living trust allows you to remain both the trustee and the beneficiary of the trust while you’re alive. You maintain control of your assets and receive all income and benefits. Upon your death, a designated successor trustee manages and/or distributes the remaining assets according to the terms set in the trust, avoiding the probate process.
A special needs trust is typically designed to benefit a disabled individual and provides for supplemental care. Instead of giving assets to the beneficiary directly, assets are transferred to a special needs trust by family members or as damages paid because of a lawsuit, and those assets are available for the beneficiary without disqualifying him or her from  government programs such as Social Security Income and Medicaid.
A survivor’s trust is a trust created by an individual during life, and becomes irrevocable after his or her death, providing for a surviving spouse, domestic partner or other loved one(s). “Survivor's trust” is a general term for a variety of common trusts, including trusts referred to as A-B trust, marital trust, family trust, bypass trust or credit shelter trust.
A charitable lead trust (CLT) benefits your favorite charity while serving your own trust needs. It lets you pay a charity income from a particular asset for a designated amount of time, after which the principal goes to the beneficiaries, who can receive the property free of estate taxes.
A charitable remainder trust (CRT) allows you to receive income and a tax deduction at the same time, and ultimately leaves your assets to a charity. Through this trust, the trustee will sell the donated property or assets, tax-free, and establish an annuity payable to you, your spouse or your heirs for a designated period of time, with the remaining assets going directly to the charity.
A generation-skipping trust can help preserve your generation-skipping transfer tax exemption on bequests to your grandchildren and avoid the tax on bequests exceeding that amount, which could exceed 40%.
An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is often used as an estate tax funding mechanism. Under this trust, you make gifts to an irrevocable trust, which in turn uses those gifts to purchase an insurance policy on your life. Upon your death, the policy’s death benefit proceeds are payable to the trust, which in turn provides tax-free cash to help beneficiaries meet estate tax obligations.

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It would be hard to find anyone in North Texas who has been helping people with personal trust services longer than ANBTX and ANBTX Trust. We started in 1926 and have continued to serve more and more Texans with the holding, management and distribution of assets according to the wishes and preferences of the person who started the trust. Learn More about our ANBTrust Trustee Services and ANBTrust Corporate Executor Services below.

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