Share and delegate key banking tasks. Save time plus retain control and security.

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Delegate Key Tasks with Multi-User Entitlements

Establish varying levels of secure business account online access for your bookkeeper, office manager, key employees, and even your CPA. Give them varying levels of secure banking access for key financial and accounting tasks. As the business owner, entitlements allow you to delegate cash management activities without giving up control and security—leaving you more time to run your business.

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Key benefits

  • Save Time
    • Delegate account access and banking responsibilities to key employees––like your bookkeeper, office manager, or CPA
  • Boost Control and Flexibility
    • Set up multiple business account users with unique account permissions and transaction limits
    • Authorize the activities each user can perform––like pay bills, transfer money, send ACH payments, and wire money––all with limits you establish
  • Establish greater security
    • Secure logins and passwords
    • Automate internal control procedure approvals and transaction alerts

How it works

  • Set-up Users in Admin Manager—Add users and provide permissions for viewing and transaction control settings––the accounts they can see and activities they can perform.
  • Review—Review a list of transactions initiated by others for accuracy and completeness from your task manager on your online dashboard.
  • Approve—Approve or edit transactions initiated by others at your convenience––from the office or on the go.

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