Send domestic wire transfers online-the fastest way to send money.

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Same-day Payments with Wire Transfers

A fast and efficient way to send payments across the country––for business purchases, high dollar payments, or high volume businesses. All from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device––with same day settlement.

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Key benefits

  • Save Time
    • Initiate wire transfers conveniently from your office or mobile device
  • Improve Cash Flow Management
    • Precisely schedule and future-date wire transfers for maximum cash flow control
  • Boost Control and Flexibility
    • Same-day settlement
    • Initiate non-repetitive or repetitive wires
    • Establish pre-determined frequencies and instructions
  • Create Security Controls
    • Built-in safeguards like personal identification numbers (PINs) and confirmation reporting

How it works

  • Payment initiation—Submit wire transfer instructions online from your office or mobile device.
  • Payment processing—Send wires securely from your ANBTX checking account based on your precise instructions.  Instructions can be one-time or repetitive.
  • Funds availability—All wire transfers initiated before 4:30pm CST will settle the same day. 

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