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Safeguard Your Business with Fraud Detection and Mitigation Solutions

Keep your business financial information and transaction activity safe.  We'll help you put a plan in place to protect your business from check and ACH fraud all within Treasury Management online banking.  Plus, we offer built-in user safeguards like state-of-the art security solutions including, robust multi-user entitlements, audit service, multi-factor authentication, and secure connect access.

  • Check Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • ACH Debit Block
  • Audit Service
  • Multi-User Entitlements
  • Secure Connect
  • Multi-factor Authentication

Check Positive Pay

Detect and stop unauthorized check payments until you give permission. Compare posted checks to issued checks to identify potential fraud.

What you can do

  • Maintain control over which checks are paid and which are held for review
  • Detect, stop, and return unauthorized payments
  • Two levels of service:
    • Check Positive Pay
    • Reverse Positive Pay

How it works

  • Check Positive Pay
    • Submit an electronic file of all checks issued to ANBTX
    • We'll compare presented checks to your file
    • Checks that don't match are presented to you for review
    • You decide whether to pay or return those checks
  • Reverse Positive Pay
    • ANBTX provides a list of paid checks for you to compare to your internal records
    • Mark items you want returned and ANBTX will return those items

ACH Positive Pay and ACH Debit Block

Detect and stop unauthorized ACH charges to your account, or block them altogether.

What you can do

  • Maintain control over which ACH Debits are charged to your account
  • View ACH debits online for review
  • Two types of service:
    • ACH Positive Pay
    • ACH Debit Block

How it works

  • ACH Positive Pay
    • Allows only authorized parties to debit your account.
    • Unauthorized debits are reviewed online for your pay or return decision.
  • ACH Debit Block
    • For accounts that should never receive an ACH debit, all attempted ACH debits are blocked.

Multi-User Entitlements

Share and delegate key banking tasks. Establish varying levels of secure account access for your bookkeeper, office manager, key employees, or your CPA.

What you can do

  • Protect sensitive account information from being viewed by all online banking users
  • Set up all users with the level of control you designate for:
    • Account access
    • Transaction access
    • Transaction limits
  • User transactions are reviewed and approved by you or your designee before being submitted

How it works

  • Set-up Users in Administration—Add users and provide permissions for viewing and transaction control settings––the accounts they can see and activities they can perform.
  • Audit—Review transactions and activities initiated by users from Administration.
  • Approve—Approve or edit transactions initiated by others at your convenience––from the office or on the go.

Secure Connect & Multi-Factor Authentication

State-of-the-art security solution with multi-layer protection.

a man feeling secure about his bank account

What you get

  • Corruption and infection testing each time you launch online banking––the system stops operating if detected
  • Secure connect––protects from privacy breaches and malware
  • Multi-factor authentication software to verify your identity
  • Layered security––no tokens to distribute and maintain
  • Encrypted keyboard software––thwarts hackers who may try to log keystrokes
  • One-time perishable passcode generation––reduces credentials theft

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