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Best bank small business checking

American National Bank of Texas Offers the Best Small Business Bank Account for Your Company

When starting a small business, it's important to separate your money between personal and business accounts. It's a good way to keep finances organized, and to ensure all legal and tax obligations are met. Plus, you'll save time and make it easier to track deductions by keeping expenses in one business account.

By opening these accounts, it is your way of declaring, "This is not a side project. This is not a hobby or an experiment. This is a business, filled with challenges and opportunities." All the planning has led to the moment when this business can have an existence separate from your personal finances.

American National Bank of Texas understands the needs of a growing business and provides the best small business bank account to give you flexibility and support without becoming unnecessarily complex.

Best bank for small business checking

How do you choose the best bank for small business checking? You'll want a bank that offers a variety of free features, such as a versatile business debit card, extensive online banking and bill pay, return of check images, and an easy to balance monthly statement. Additionally, you will want account options so you can choose one that best fits your needs.

When searching for the best bank account for small business, ANBTX is here for you. We have three accounts specifically designed with your small business in mind.

Basic Business Checking

The Basic Business Checking account is the best small business bank account for your business. It is straightforward, no-fuss checking that delivers everything you need from a checking account:

  1. $2,000 minimum balance or simply sign up for eStatements to avoid a low monthly fee of $5.75
  2. 200 free monthly transaction items (Transaction items include debits, credits and deposited items.)

If you plan to keep a small to moderate balance in your business checking account and aren't looking to earn interest this way, a small business checking account is the way to go. For larger balances where you won't need to transfer over very often, you may instead consider investment opportunities or a small business savings account - also available from American National Bank of Texas.

Business Interest Checking

The Business Interest Checking account is ideally suited for sole proprietorships and not-for-profit organizations. It's for business owners and organization leaders who want a checking account that can earn interest and a minimum balance to avoid any monthly fees.

  1. Competitive interest
  2. 200 free monthly transaction items (Transaction items include debits, credits and deposited items.)
  3. $1,500 minimum balance to avoid a low monthly fee of $6

If you plan to keep a large amount of cash available in your checking account, the competitive interest rate will be a valuable added benefit.

Business Analysis Checking

The Business Analysis Checking account provides support for organizations with more complex banking needs.

  1. Earnings credit allowance on deposit balances may offset activity fees. (The earnings credit allowance is set monthly based on a combination of current market conditions and indices and is calculated on the monthly average collected balance.)
  2. $15 monthly service charge
  3. Transaction charges may apply.

This account is a more robust option for businesses that exceed 750 transactions a month.

Best bank for small business saving

A savings account can provide a necessary financial cushion for unexpected expenses or larger purchases you need to make. The right savings account will allow you to reinvest your earnings for greater capital in the years to come.

Not every small business is actually "small". Our savings accounts were created to best serve small businesses...of any size, each with variable rates, easily available funds, and the features you require.

ANBTX has three savings accounts for your organization.

Basic Business Savings

This account is for small businesses that want to earn interest while maintaining a low to moderate balance.

Business Preferred Investment

This account is for businesses that maintain medium to high balances. Higher balances can earn higher tiered interest rates.

Business Star Investment

This account is suited for businesses that maintain high balances. Like the Business Preferred account, interest rates are tiered allowing higher balances to earn higher rates.

For all the savings accounts listed above, a minimum balance may be required to open. All accounts are also available for non-profit organizations. Business Interest Checking and Business Analysis Checking are available for public fund entities.

The one feature that accompanies every account

When you partner with American National Bank of Texas, you gain the expertise of our highly experienced banking team. Whether you are just starting out or you've been in business for generations, we work with you to provide the best experience possible. If you have questions about your account, contact us today. You can also use the business selection guide to direct you to the right product.

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