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Home purchase basics checklist

Home Purchase Basics

The home purchasing process is collaboration between you, your real estate agent and your ANBTX mortgage loan officer. As the homebuyer, it’s essential to understand the responsibilities of each party, to ensure your long-term financial needs and goals are fulfilled.

Your responsibilities as a homebuyer

  • Keep your real estate agent informed of any questions or concerns as they come up. 
  • Keep the process moving by providing documentation and decisions as soon as reasonably possible; many of the details can be taken care of early in the process so you can concentrate on last-minute details or events that require your attention. 
  • Confirm that you pre-qualified as early as possible; this will speed the process and eliminate unnecessary steps, so you can concentrate on selecting your home. 

Your ANBTX mortgage loan officer's responsibilities

  • Assist you in selecting the best loan to meet your personal situation and goals. 
  • Keep you informed of your loan status throughout the entire process. 
  • Keep your real estate agent informed of our loan progress. 
  • Get the appropriate loan for you at the best rates and fees; this can save you significant money up front and through the life of your mortgage.  

Real estate agent responsibilities

  • Preview available homes to eliminate any that are overpriced, or undesirable. 
  • Present the homes that best suit your needs. 
  • Help you determine the differences in home prices including "good buys" and properties that might be discounted based on outside factors. 
  • Negotiate the best deal for you; with a pre-qualification letter from ANBTX, your real estate agent can demonstrate that you are a qualified and capable borrower, and possibly give you negotiating room about the asking price. 
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