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Texas Personal Savings Bank Account

Personal Savings Account

An American National Bank of Texas savings account is a great first step toward financial well-being. Whether you have short- or long-term financial goals or just want to save for a rainy day, there is an ANBTX personal savings account that will help you along your way.

And when you sign up for Online Banking and MoneyHD™, managing your finances will not only be easier and more convenient but a lot more enjoyable as well.

Apply Now for an ANBTX savings account. For additional information, please call our customer service center at 1.800.837.6584.

Youth Savings

Designed to help children learn to save for the future, this variable rate savings account is for individuals, under the age of 18, who want to start saving money today for their dreams of tomorrow.

Basic Savings

The ideal account if you have a specific savings goal in mind. Basic Savings gives you the flexibility to meet your goals.

Preferred Investment

This variable rate account is right for you if you want to keep a medium to high balance and earn higher interest rates for higher balances. Funds are easily available and there is no limit on cash withdrawals made in person. Interest rates are tiered.

Star Investment

If you want to earn higher interest rates for maintaining high balances, this variable rate account works for you without worrying about tying up your money for long periods of time. There is no limit on cash withdrawals made in person and you’ll be able to access your savings whenever needed. Interest rates are tiered.

*Minimum balance may be required to open.
*Certain account transfers and withdrawals may be limited by government regulation.

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