Vickie Gutierrez

Vickie Gutierrez photo

Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer

Vickie Gutierrez
Vickie Gutierrez has 38 years of experience in banking, insurance, and wealth management. Vickie joined American National Bank of Texas on July 29, 1991. In her current position of assistant vice president and trust officer, she makes a significant contribution to the long-term success of American National Bank of Texas by providing exceptional customer service for her trust operations clients in a fiduciary role. 
Prior to joining ANBTX, she worked at several other Dallas area banks in the trust area for over 14 years. Vickie understands the many functions within trust operations. She started as a page and soon began her transition to many other trust positions. 
Vickie is proud of her work at ANBTX. As a community bank, Vickie believes, “ANBTX cares about their customers, employees and its reputation within the community.” Community banks offer a level of personalized service to customers who need guidance, which is an important part of Vickie’s work. 
When she isn’t studying the latest trends of the trust industry, Vickie enjoys painting, cooking, walks on long trails, and spending time with family.