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Control Who Manages with a Designated Trustee

The trustee’s role is to administer and distribute the assets in the trust according to your wishes, as expressed in the trust document. It's an important role and decision.

Trustee Includes Three Primary Roles:

  1. Custody

    The trustee must identify and take title to the trust’s assets, keep accurate records, report to beneficiaries, execute and settle all transactions, protect and insure the property, defend the trust against claimants, and oversee the preparation of tax returns in compliance with state and federal laws.

  2. Asset Management

    The trustee is responsible for the preservation and investment of assets in the trust, ensuring that invested assets are productive and managed appropriately given the trust’s objectives and reassess the objectives of the trust and current market conditions at least annually.
  3. Trust Administration

    The trustee carries out directions and follows guidelines in handling the specific circumstances of each request for funds from trust beneficiaries.

Who Do You Trust to Manage Yours?

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It would be hard to find anyone in North Texas who has been helping people with personal trust services longer than ANBTX and ANBTrust. 

We started in 1926 and have continued to serve more and more Texans with the holding, management and distribution of assets according to the wishes and preferences of the person who started the trust.

Benefits of Choosing ANBTrustee Services

Trustees often have to make tough decisions. Placing a family member in this role is burdensome and difficult. As your trustee, we will deliver:

  • Unbiased loyalty
  • Knowledgeable experts to defend your assets
  • Experienced oversight of the investment process
  • Timely and accurate statements and reviews
  • Accountable distribution of income and assets
  • Tax reporting, filing, and comprehensive regulatory compliance

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