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Estate Administration

Serving as an executor or agent in the settling of an estate can be a difficult and involved process. Many individuals are not prepared for the responsibility of such a task.

Our Trust Professionals understand the fiduciary responsibility and work in tandem with your financial and legal advisors to ensure your estate is handled in an efficient, timely manner and in accordance with your wishes. Our ultimate goal is to distribute your assets according to your financial and estate plan.

As corporate executor of your estate, we can:

  • Gather, value and manage all assets of your estate
  • Pay all debts and expenses
  • Work through any probate process
  • Prepare final tax returns
  • Prepare for any continuation of trust funding or final disbursement to beneficiaries

Please contact our one of our estate professionals at 214.863.6800 for more information or to obtain additional benefits available with a properly designed estate plan.

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