Optimize your business payment strategy. Pay employees, vendors, and suppliers electronically.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Optimize your payment strategy. Conveniently create electronic payments for employee payroll, vendors, suppliers, expense reimbursements, cash concentration, and taxes. With ANBTX ACH Payments you maintain control of your money until you decide payments should be made, and there’s never a need to write, process, and reconcile checks.

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Key benefits

  • Save Time
    • Automatically execute payroll, vendor, and tax payments
  • Save Money
    • Reduce errors  and mitigate check fraud through automated processes
    • Eliminate stop payments, check replacement, check storage, printing, and mailing
  • Improve Cash Flow Management
    • Cash concentrate funds from accounts at other financial institutions to your ANBTX accounts
    • Precisely schedule and future-date vendor payments for maximum cash flow control
  • Boost Control and Flexibility
    • Create templates for repetitive payments
    • Submit batches for next-day or future day settlement
  • Create Security Controls
    • User entitlements, payment limits and dual approval
    • Event notification

How it works

  • Payment initiation—Submit amounts to be transferred from your ANBTX account to your payees.  This can be done manually or within templates.
  • Payment processing—Funds are processed through the ACH Network, a central facility that handles the transfer of electronic transactions across all US financial institutions.
  • Funds availability—All ACH disbursement files submitted before 4:30pm CST will be processed automatically through the ACH Network for credit to the payee’s bank on the date you designate.

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