Maximize business cash flow. Put surplus cash to work.

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Put Excess Cash to Work with Liquidity Management Solutions

Manage your excess cash and working capital. Make sure your funds are available when you need them––while we put idle funds to work for you and your business with one of the following solutions.

ANBTX liquidity management accounts:

  • ACH Cash Concentration
  • Zero Balance Account Services
  • Credit Line Sweep
  • FDIC Insured Cash Sweep

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ACH Cash Concentration

Simplifies banking for Companies with multiple deposit locations and multiple banking relationships by concentrating cash into one primary deposit account at ANBTX.

What you can do

Concentrate cash into your primary ANBTX account

  • Accumulate cash from multiple banking relationships into one
  • Eliminate idle balances
  • Improve operational efficiencies, increase investment potential, and reduce borrowing needs

How it works

  • Initiation—originate an ACH cash concentration file through Treasury Management Online and Mobile Banking.
  • Funds availability—cash concentration transactions initiated by 4:30 pm are transferred and available on the settlement date.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Service

Concentrate all your Company funds into one master operating account, and automatically fund any payments from subsidiary accounts as needed.  Manage and monitor multiple accounts through a single disbursement system.

What you can do

  • Funds are automatically transferred to or from the master account
  • Subsidiary accounts maintain a zero balance––so no need to manually transfer funds
  • Accounts are reconciled each day, assuring all debits and credits are accounted for
  • Maximize available cash for investment and minimize risk of overdrawing an account

How it works

  • Set-up—a master (parent) account is established. Subsidiary (child) accounts are created for:
    • Different entities––like divisions and store locations.
    • Different types of accounts––like payroll, disbursements, merchant receipts, and petty cash.
  • Funds availability—on a daily and nightly basis:
    • Funds in the subsidiary accounts are transferred daily to the ZBA Master Account.
    • Funds in the ZBA Master Account are transferred nightly to cover inclearing items in the subsidiary accounts.


Make every dollar count—eliminate the routine of manually calculating your investment position. Instead, automatically sweep excess balances into an ANBTX FDIC Insured Cash Sweep account or use excess funds to pay down debt.

What you can do

  • Gain full FDIC insurance coverage
  • Choose from an FDIC Insured Cash Sweep or a Credit Line Sweep

How it works

  • FDIC Insurance Cash Sweep—automatically transfer excess funds from your business checking account to an FDIC Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) account. ICS funds are eligible for multi-million dollar FDIC insurance.
  • Credit Line Sweep—use excess funds to automatically pay down loan balances and reduce monthly interest expense. 

Business Savings and Money Market Accounts

It's important to make saving a part of doing business. We have several options to help you save for your business goals, including our liquid Business Savings and Money Market accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and our CDARs Program.

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Other Business Services to Help Manage Cash Flow

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