Convert receivables into cash more quickly. Speed up and automate collections.

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Accelerate Cash Collections with Accounts Receivable Solutions

Streamline and speed up your receivables processing. You've earned it and we can help you collect it faster––no matter what form of payment your customers use. That way, you put your money to work and back into your business quickly. You'll have your choice of the following receivables solutions.

  • ACH Preauthorized Payments
  • Merchant Services
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Commercial Mobile Deposit
  • Retail and Wholesale Lockbox

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ACH Preauthorized Payments

Automate receivables with preauthorized payments from vendors and customers. Convert accounts receivable faster––no need to wait on paper check payments.

What you can do

Automate the process of collecting recurring payments from customers:

  • Paperless and more timely way to collect repetitive customer payments
  • Provide convenience to customers
  • Receive an accurate and complete record of all ACH transactions

How it works

  • Payment initiation—Obtain written authorization from your customers to debit their bank account via ACH.
  • Payment processing—Originate an ACH debit file and transmit it through ANBTX for processing.
  • Funds availability—All collected funds will be deposited into your account on the settlement date.

Merchant Services

Expand your customer payment options by accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express credit cards and debit cards––at the point-of-sale, online or from a mobile device.

What you can do

Automate customer card payment processing.

  • Increase sales by accepting debit and credit cards
  • Accelerate cash flow collections and reduce the risk of accepting checks
  • Effectively manage your business receipts, track sales, and view deposits online or on-the-go

How it works

  • Contact us.
  • We'll schedule a meeting with a Fitech Payments representative.
  • Fitech will present a solution tailored to your business––you'll be on your way to accepting card payments in whatever way works best for your business––point-of-sale, online, or from a mobile device. All with state-of-the-art equipment, PCI Compliance, and security features. And, our 24/7 Texas-based customer support is always available to help answer questions and resolve and unforeseen issues.

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Exclusive offer for new merchant service customers:

Contact us. Our FiTech team will compare the features, benefits, and cost of your current merchant service provider to our service. If we can't meet or beat your current card processing costs, you'll receive a check for $500.*

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Remote Deposit Capture

Make check deposits without ever having to visit us in person. Accelerate collections with a desktop check scanner to electronically transmit deposits.

What you can do

Automate and expedite paper check deposits

  • Scan checks in bulk
  • Create balanced deposits quickly and accurately
  • Extend your banking day until 6pm CST
  • Save check images

How it works

  • Prepare—Add up the total amount of your checks for deposit. Checks are virtually endorsed.
  • Scan Checks—Place checks into scanner to create front and back images.
  • Verify—Confirm and reconcile any differences between scanned checks and your control total.
  • Submit—Transmit balanced deposit to ANBTX for processing and receive a deposit confirmation email.

Commercial Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks from your phone.  One less trip to the bank––one more way we make banking more convenient.

What you can do

Deposit checks from your phone

  • No need to visit the bank
  • Easily deposit a check in under a minute from your phone or tablet
  • Point. Click. Deposit. It's that simple with the ANBTX mobile app

How it works

  • Prepare—Sign the back of the check (endorse check).  Within the ANBTX Mobile Deposit app, select the account for deposit and enter the check amount.
  • Take a photo—Take a photo of both the front and back of the check (making sure to capture a quality image), then select the “Make Deposit” button to deposit funds.
  • Verify—Confirm you entered the correct deposit account and check amount.
  • Submit—Transmit to ANBTX for processing.

Lockbox Services

We provide you a unique P.O. Box address. You provide that address to your customers––that's where they send their payments to you. We take care of payment processing and getting your money to you.

What you can do

Reduce mail handling, in-office processing, and accelerate cash collections.

  • Wholesale Lockbox— typically for low volume, high dollar payments often accompanied by invoices, coupons, and other documentation
  • Retail Lockbox—typically for higher volume, low dollar consumer payments and remittance coupons that contain Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lines

How it works

  • Set-up—We obtain a unique P.O. Box number for your business. You provide that P.O. Box address to your customers. (Your unique P.O. Box and zip code reduces mail times.)
  • Processing—As payments are received, they are systematically passed along to our lockbox team and processed––opened, extracted, sorted, and deposited. This happens several times a day as needed to keep up with your payment volumes.
  • Funds Availability—As your payments are processed, funds are deposited directly into your ANBTX account.  Images, daily batch reports, and remittance data can be viewed online.

Other Business Services to Help Manage Cash Flow

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