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Treasury Management | ACH Preauthorized Payments

Using Automated Clearing House (ACH) services is a highly reliable and efficient way for businesses to make a variety of financial transactions, from collecting customer payments to remitting vendor and employee payments. The ACH process not only saves time, but it saves on paperwork and unnecessary costs as well.

With ACH preauthorized payments you can save time and money in collecting recurring payments from your customers. Once your customer has agreed to have their recurring payments electronically debited from their accounts, you simply originate an ACH debit file and transmit it to American National Bank of Texas for processing. All collected funds will be deposited into your account the next business day.

ACH Preauthorized Payments

  • Electronically collect recurring payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network
  • Submit your Preauthorized Payments file manually or upload National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) formatted files through NetTeller Cash Management
  • Preauthorized payments provide accurate payments from your customers and help your credit management process
  • Ensures timely receipt of payments and improve your ability to forecast and manage cash flow
  • ACH eliminates the time and expense associated with processing paper based receivables
  • Provides your customer the convenience of not having to write a check and mail their payment

Contact your American National Bank of Texas relationship manager or Treasury Management Services at 1.800.837.6584 or for more information.

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