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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an e-Statement?

An e-Statement is an electronic PDF version of your statement and image pages (if applicable) available online via our secure site. You will receive an email notification when it is available. You can view, print and save your statement right from your computer. In addition to statements, some notices have also been made available for electronic delivery.

How do I sign up for e-Statements?

You can enroll through your ANBTX Online Banking Account. Log in to your ANBTX Online Banking Account, click on the e-Statement tab and input the information required for enrollment.

What is Adobe Reader and why do I need it?

Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM is free software used for opening and viewing statements or notices. Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM version 6.0 or higher is required. To download the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM, you can go to:

Is there a fee for eStatements?

There is no charge. e-Statements are FREE!

How is the e-Statement different from the statement that I can currently view in Online Banking?

The statements that are available through Online Banking can be viewed in multiple formats-Adobe, html, and text. However, these statements do not contain ANBTX Branding, nor do they contain the images of your checks included with the statement. The Online Banking statements will still be available.

Are check images available with my e-Statement?

Yes. If you currently receive images of your checks in your paper statement, then you will continue to receive images of your checks with e-Statements. Some of our deposit products do not offer the return of images in the statement. If you do not currently receive images, you will not receive them electronically.

Will my e-Statement look the same as my paper statement?

Your e-Statement looks similar to your paper statement and contains all of the same information.

Can I receive e-Statements without enrolling in Online Banking?

No. You will need to enroll in ANBTX Online Banking. Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, you can proceed to the e-Statement tab. Your ANBTX Online Banking login ID and Password are used to access your e-Statements and notices.

My husband and I have a joint account and we both have Online Banking. Are both of us able to enroll for e-Statements?

No. Only one account owner may be enrolled to receive e-Statement documents on joint accounts. Whoever signs up for e-Statements first, is the person that will receive the e-Statement documents.

Can I save my e-Statement for future reference?

Yes, you can save the PDF file to your computer or a device of your choosing. Statements and images are accessible for 60 days after they are made available so saving them is important for record retention. Notices are available for 30 days.

Can I receive an e-Statement for all of my accounts?

Any checking or savings account that is available to you within Online Banking is available to be delivered electronically.

When can I view my e-Statement?

We will send an email notifying you when your e-Statement or notice is ready to view. After notification, the e-Statement will be available within ANBTX Online Banking for 60 days. Notices will be available for 30 days. Go to the e-Statement tab, and they are located under the Statements and Notices section.

Is my statement information secure?

As is the case with everything traveling through the Internet, security can be a concern. All data transfers, including electronic mail, occur openly on the Internet and potentially can be monitored and read by others. For these reasons the following security measures are in place:
We will include your security phrase in the subject line of all emails that are sent via the e-Statement Service. You should always verify the security phrase is the valid phrase that you created. Also, the notification email does not contain any actual documents. The attachment contained within the notification email, when opened, will display a Login page. This Login page will also include your security phrase for you to validate. You will login using your Online Banking ID and password to obtain access to the actual document.

Will I need a password to view my e-Statement?

Yes. You will use your ANBTX Online Banking ID and password to gain access to your e-Statements and notices.

Will I be able to print my statement and check images?

Yes. Once you open the e-Statement or notice, you will be able to print it just like you print any document on your computer.

After I enroll for e-Statements how long will it take for it to go into effect?

Once you have received your enrollment confirmation email, it can take up to 48 hours for the system to complete all the changes necessary to move your paper statements to electronic.

I signed up for e-Statements but then I received a paper statement?

The entire process from enrollment, confirmation and necessary system changes could take up to 48 hours. Depending on the time of your enrollment, you could receive one additional paper statement.

What happened to the back page of my statement?

This page is accessible by clicking the link located at the top of your statement page, under the e-Statement logo. The link is named- Disclosures.

Who should I contact if I forget my User ID or Password?

If you forget your User ID or Password, please contact customer service at 800-837-6584 during normal business hours.

What if my email address changes?

Sign in to ANBTX Online Banking. Go to the Options tab, click on the email section, input your new email address and click save settings. or
Sign in to ANBTX Online Banking. Go to the e-Statement tab, click on the email option, input your new email address and click save settings.
This change will be reflected throughout ANBTX Online Banking, as well as any other email address that ANBTX has on file for you.

If I have more than one account do I have to individually enroll each account?

No. When you enroll, all of the accounts that are available to you through Online Banking will be listed. By default, all accounts, including statements and available notices, are selected. If there are statements or notices that you do not wish to receive electronically, you will need to “deselect” those documents either during enrollment or through the Documents and Settings section within the e-Statement tab.

How do I cancel my e-Statement?

Sign into your Online Banking account and in the upper right hand corner click on “Contact”. This will generate an email through our secure email system. Please provide us with your name, account number, and a contact phone number with the request to cancel receipt of electronic e-Statements and/or notices. You may also contact our Customer Service Department at 800-837-6584 during regular business hours.

If you save your statement or notice, is it available longer than the 30 or 60 days that it will be available within Online Banking?

Yes if you save it to your computer. The 30/60 day time frame is only within Online Banking. If you save the document to you computer, you have full control as to how long the document remains on your computer.

Will the entire account number appear on Statements and Notices?

Yes, however account number information will not show within the emails themselves.

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