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YOUR kPlan® Benefits

Enrolling your business in YOUR kPlan® provides benefits to both you and your employees.

  • As a business owner you may be able to defer up to $63,500 
  • Offering retirement benefits can help your business retain quality employees
  • Being part of a multiple employer plan allows you access to superior options
  • You, the business owner, will have limited fiduciary responsibility

The following chart shows how alternative retirement savings options compare to YOUR kPlan:

Plan Type

Maximum Allowable
Traditional IRA
IRA Catch-up Age 50+

Simple IRA
Simple IRA Catch-up
Age 50+

YOUR kPlan
401K Deferrals $19,500 $57,000
401K Catch-up $6,500  
Under Age 50
Employer Contributions
(tax deductible)


Over Age 50
Matching and Profit Sharing

Want more information? Please review the YOUR kPlan® brochure for more information. 


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